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Mortar Joints in Northeastern Illinois

At Chicagoland Basement Authorities, we understand all problem areas where a home can experience water leaks. If your home in Northeastern Illinois has a block foundation wall, the blocks in your wall are all mortared together. Block foundation walls are extremely permeable take in water like a sponge. Exactly what happens is, water builds up inside of your block walls, weakening the mortar. Over time, water will seap through the weakended mortar leaving you with a wet basment.

Know Your Options

Your best option may be a Geo Channel, Water Tunnel or Dry-Up Baseboard System. Our certified Production Manager from Chicagoland Basement Authorities can advise which might be most effectively for you. Call today for more information, or schedule a free home inpection in Northeastern Illinois.

Customer Testimonials

“The system we got from DPMR is keeping our basement dry.  That nifty lifetime warranty should keep us covered.” – June, Canton, NY

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